everything we stock is Organic unless it states

New Products:

Vegan Burger Mix - organic & from Just Whole Foods : Make your own burgers.

Cinnamon & sugar Coated Almonds - organic

Refills of Hand Gel (Sanitiser) - just bring an empty bottle.

Gourmet Rice Mix - Wild rice, red rice & brown rice



Brown Basmati Rice - India

White Basmati Rice - India 

Brown Jasmine Rice - Cambodia

White Jasmine Rice - Cambodia 

Brown Short Grain Rice - Italy

Brown Long Grain Rice

Gourmet Rice Mix - Wild rice, red rice and brown rice.

White Arborio Rice (Risotto) - Italy


Quinoa Flakes

Tri Colour Quinoa - Holland

White Quinoa - UK

Other Grains:

Buckwheat Groats - UK

Bulghur Wheat - Turkey

Giant Cous Cous (Fregola) - Italy

Cous Cous (Wholemeal) - Italy

Cous Cous (White) - Italu

Millet - hulled

Pearl Barley - UK 

Polenta - Italy

Soup Mix -

Red lentils, Brown Lentils, Pearl Barley, Yelllow Split Peas, Green Split Peas, to be soaked & added to soups.

Pasta & Noodles

Orzo - rice shaped pasta

Rasta Pasta - Tri Colour Fusilli (red, green, white) 

White Farfalle (Bows) 

White Fusilli

Wholewheat Fusilli 

White Penne 

Wholewheat Penne

White Gomitinni - small macaroni

Wholewheat Gomitinni - small macaroni 

Rice & Corn Penne - gluten free

White Spaghetti

Wholewheat Spaghetti

Rice & Corn Spaghetti - gluten free

Rice Noodles - gluten free

Pulses & Legumes


Chickpeas - Italy

Yellow Split Peas 


Beluga Lentils - (Black) Canada 

Brown Lentils -  Turkey - OUT OF STOCK

French Type Lentils (Puy/small green)

Green Lentils (large,flat)

Red Split Lentils


Kidney Beans 

Black Beans

Butter Beans 

Cannellini Beans - OUT OF STOCK

Mixed Beans

Mung Beans 

Pinto Beans

Soya Beans - China



Caster Sugar - Brazil

Coconut Sugar - Indonesia

Demerara Sugar - Mauritius

Icing Sugar

Muscovado Sugar - soft, light brown 


Buckwheat Flour - gluten free, Holland

Chickpea Flour - gluten free

Cornflour - for thickening sauces, UK

Pasta Flour - Doves, UK - OUT OF STOCK

Plain White Flour - Doves, UK 

Rye Flour - UK

Self-Raising White Flour - Doves, UK 

Strong White Bread Flour - Doves, Uk 

Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour - Doves, UK

White Spelt Flour - Doves, UK

Wholegrain Spelt Flour - Doves,


Baking Condiments:

Baking Powder - UK

Bicarbonate of Soda - UK

Cacao Nibs - raw, Peru

Cocoa Powder - Switzerland

Desicated Coconut

Flaked Almonds - Spain

Ground Almond - Spain

Cooking Condiments:

Bouillon Vegetable Stock - Marigold, non-vegan

Cornflour - UK

Cornish Sea Salt - Salt Crystals from The Cornish Sea Salt Company.

Nutritional Yeast - Engevita, with Vitamin B12

Sunflower Mince - Sunflower Family

SOS Mix - make your own vegetarian sausages.

Vegan Burger Mix - organic & from Just Whole Foods : Make your own burgers.

Cereal & Oats

Apple & Cinnamon Cereal

organic, UK Ingredients: Toasted Wheat Flakes, Porridge Oats, Crunchy (Wheat Flakes*, Oat Flakes, Rice Syrup, Sunflower Oil, Almonds, Desiccated Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, Sea Salt, Bourbon Vanilla) Dried Apple Pieces, Raisins (Raisins & Sunflower Oil), Sultanas (Sultanas & Sunflower Oil)*, Chopped Dried Dates (Dates & Brown Rice Flour), Chopped Toasted Almonds, Sunflower Seeds*, Ground Cinnamon

Bran Flakes 

Wholewheat flour (90%), Wheat bran (5%),Maize Glucose, Barley Malt, Sea salt*


Just corn, Germany

Deluxe Muesli

UK Oat flakes, Barley flakes, Wheat flakes, Raisins, Chopped Dates, Sunflower seeds, Walnuts, Roasted Hazelnuts, Cashew nuts, Flaked Almonds, Rice flour and Sunflower oil.

Fruit Crunch Cereal 

UK A Crunchy, Satisfying, Organic Breakfast Cereal. Made Purely from Fruits and Flakes. Ingredients: Toasted Wheat Flakes, Sultanas (Sultanas & Sunflower Oil), Jumbo Oats, Raisins* (Raisins & Sunflower Oil), Currants

Gluten Free Oats

organic, Scotland


Organic, UK Ingredients: Toasted Wheat Flakes, Porridge Oats, Crunchy* (Wheat Flakes, Oat Flakes, Rice Syrup, Sunflower Oil, Almonds, Desiccated Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, Sea Salt, Bourbon Vanilla*) Dried Apple Pieces, Raisins (Raisins & Sunflower Oil), Sultanas (Sultanas & Sunflower Oil), Chopped Dried Dates (Dates & Brown Rice Flour), Chopped Toasted Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Ground Cinnamon.

Jumbo Oats -  UK 

Rolled Oats - UK 

Pinhead Oatmeal - UK

Quinoa Flakes - Peru

Barley Flakes - UK

Dried Fruit

Apple Rings 

Banana Chips - vegan - Bananas, Coconut oil, Sugar

Cranberries in apple juice - Canada

Figs (whole) - Turkey 

Goji Berries - China

Mango - Burkina Faso 

Mixed Fruit -sultanas, raisins, currants

Pitted Dates -  Tunisia

Pitted Prunes - USA

Raisins - dressed in sunflower oil, Turkey 

Sour Cherries - Uzbekistan

Sultanas -dressed in sunflower oil, Turkey

Sun-dried Tomatoes - Turkey

Whole Apricots - Turkey

Whole Chilies - non-organic, red, India


Almonds - raw, unblanched, Spain

Cinnamon & sugar Coated Almonds - organic

Brazil Nuts - Bolivia

Cashew Nuts - whole, India

Flaked Almonds - Spain

Fruit & Nut Mix

Ground Almond - NON-organic, Spain

Hazelnuts - raw, organic, Turkey

Nut Mix - raw

Peanut Butter 

Freshly ground peanut butter on tap. Bring a jar and refill instantly in-store. No oil, no salt, no nasties. Organic, roasted peanuts, China.

Peanuts - raw, pale-skin, China

Pine Nuts - China

Pecan Nuts 

Walnuts - Halves, light, Moldova 


Chia Seeds - Argentina

Desicated Coconut

Gourmet Seed Mix

Includes: sunflower seeds, linseed, white sesame seeds. poppy seed, chia seed. Mixed in the UK.

Hemp Seeds Hulled - China

Hemp Seeds Whole - China

Linseed/Flaxseed Gold - golden, Germany, Linseed is the same as Flax seed.

Poppy Seeds - Turkey

Pumpkin Seeds - China

Sunflower Seeds - shell-less, China

Sesame Seeds Black - Whole, India

Sesame Seeds White - Hulled, Mexico

Herbs & Spices

Bay Leaves
Black Peppercorns
Bouillon Vegetable Stock - Marigold, non-vegan
Caraway Seeds
Cardamon Ground
Cardamon Pods
Cayenne Pepper
Chili Flakes
Chili Powder
Cinnamon Ground
Cinnamon Sticks
Cloves - whole
Coriander Ground
Coriander Seeds
Cornish Sea Salt - from The Cornish Sea Salt Company.
Cumin Ground
Cumin Seeds
Curry Powder
Fennel Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds
Garam Masala
Garlic Ground
Ginger Ground
Herbs de Provence
Mixed Herbs
Mixed Spice
Mustard Seeds - yellow
Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Whole
Nutritional Yeast with Vitamin B12 - Engevita
Onion Powder
Onion Seeds (black)
Paprika Smoked
Peppercorns - Black, Whole
Star Anise
Whole Chilies - red, non-organic

Snacks & Chocolate

Cinnamon & sugar Coated Almonds - organic

Banana Chips

vegan : Bananas, Coconut oil, Sugar

Bombay Mix - non-organic, UK, contains peanuts

Carob Peanuts - non-organic, not vegan 

Carob Raisins - Non-organic, not vegan

Choco Brazils

plain/dark chocolate coated Brazil nuts. non-organic, not vega

Chocolate Buttons 

73% (vegan) 55% (vegan) Milk, White

Chocolate Coated Peanuts - non-organic, not vegan 

Cocoa Nibs raw, vegan, Peru

Crystallized Ginger - sugar

Fruit & Nut Mix - organic

Japanese Rice Crackers - non-organic, contains peanuts.

Nutritional Yeast - with Vitamin B12, Engevita

Peanut Butter

Freshly ground peanut butter on tap. Bring a jar and refill instantly in-store. No oil, no salt, no nasties. Organic, roasted peanuts, China.

Popping Corn - Italy

Rio Nuevo Chocolate

A selection of Rio Nuevo Chocolate including: 60%, 72% & 80% bars. Made locally in Penryn and all vegan.

Toasted Coconut Chips - Philippines

Vanoffee Cashews - vegan salted banofee coated cashew nuts - Raw Chocolate Company

Raw Chocolate Almonds - vegan raw chocolate coated almonds - Raw Chocolate Company

Wasabi Peas - non-organic 

Yoghurt Peanuts - non-organic, dairy

Yoghurt Raisins - non-organic, dairy 

Tea & Coffee

Loose Leaf Tea

All organic and blended in Devon:

Propertea (English Breakfast)

Earl Grey




Green Tea

Mintea (Mint blended with green)

Olfactory Coffee Beans

Olfactory is a coffee roaster in Penryn and supplies us with the coffee beans using no packaging at all. We stock three beans:

Knockout - espresso, Mexico

Steadfast - cafetiere, Columbia, Organic

Decaf - all rounder, Rwanda, Organic

Oils, Vinegars & Syrups

Agave Syrup - vegan friendly

Apple Cyder Vinegar - locally made

Balsamic Vinegar

Bouillon Vegetable Stock - Marigold, non-vegan

Olive Oil - extra virgin, cold-pressed, Greece

Sunflower Oil refined, deodorised 

Tamari - Japanese, gluten free

Fresh Produce


Fresh, local hen eggs from Axehead Farm, located between Falmouth & Helston. The chickens are very loved, live outside in a huge pen and can even roam the fields and land during the day. They are only fed organic feed and veggies from the small sustainable farm.

Fresh Veg

Fresh, local veg from Patrick's Patch (who used to sell on The Moor on Saturday mornings).  Patrick uses no chemicals and the veg is delivered to us moments after being pulled out the ground, dirt and rain and all. 

Cleaning Products

Washing Up Liquid - SESI

Laundry Liquid - SESI

Fabric Softner - SESI

Toilet Cleaner - SESI

Surface Cleaner - SESI

Hand Gel (Sanitiser) - due to Covid19

Dishwasher Powder - SESI

Dishwasher Tablets (large & small boxes) - Eco Leaf/SUMA

Laundry Powder - SESI

It'll Be All White - natural oxi bleech for whitening clothes, etc.

Soap Nuts


Bamboo Toothbrush

Deodorant - Scence (cardboard tube) & EarthConcious (metal tin)

Ear buds / Cotton Swabs (Biodegradable, bamboo & cotton)

Hair Conditioner Refills

Suma Hair Conditioner - Refills. Pay by ml. Bring a bottle and refill.

Hand Gel Refills - refill your hand sanitiser bottle (due to covid19)


Washing up & body loofa - avoid plastic sponges.

Organi Cup

Menstrual Cup, vegan friendly Size A and size B

Reusable Razor

Reusable Sanitary Pads

Shampoo Bars

Avoid plastic bottles by using a shampoo bar. Suma brand/ Alter-Native. 4 different scents.

Shaving Soap Bar

Soap Bars - various

Soap Pouch


Tooth Floss & refills

Lifestyle Products

Bird Seed

- feed birds all year round : wheat, black sunflower, maize. Sold in grams.

Chilly's Bottles

24 hours cold and 12 hours hot. These water bottles are useful, sturdy and look great. Wide variety of colours, sizes  & patterns


Eco-friendly Firelighters


Washing up & body loofa - avoid plastic sponges.


Metal, plastic free, stainless steel. 3 tier Tiffin tin 2 tier rectangular lunchbox 2 tier giant rectangular lunchbox with internal tin

Metal Straws

Bent and straight design and useful straw cleaner. Affordable price to help eliminate single-use plastic straws.

Washing Up Brush

Plastic free alternative for the kitchen sink made from coconut husk.

Washing Up Brush with Handle

Plastic free alternative for the kitchen sink made from coconut husk & wood.

Washing Up Scraper

Scrape clean pans without scratching them or harming the environment.

Tea Infusers

with a handle for one cup or on a chain for pot or cup.

Food Wraps

Made locally with beeswax to replace cling film.

Nail Brush

wooden nail brush with vegan bristles

Soap Dish

bamboo, slated, single soap dish


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