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Varieties of Grain


everything we stock is organic unless it states


Brown Basmati Rice - India

White Basmati Rice - India 

Brown Jasmine Rice - Cambodia

White Jasmine Rice - Cambodia 

Brown Short Grain Rice - Italy

Brown Long Grain Rice

Gourmet Rice Mix - Wild rice, red rice and brown rice.

White Arborio Rice (Risotto) - Italy


Quinoa Flakes

Tri Colour Quinoa - Holland

White Quinoa - UK

Other Grains:

Buckwheat Groats - UK

Bulghur Wheat - Turkey

Giant Cous Cous (Fregola) - Italy

Cous Cous (Wholemeal) - Italy

Cous Cous (White) - Italy

Millet - hulled

Pearl Barley - UK 

Polenta - Italy

Soup Mix - red lentils, Brown Lentils, Pearl Barley, Yellow Split Peas, Green Split Peas.

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