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Frequently Asked Questions

what type of container should I bring?

tupperware, jars, empty flour bags, fabric bags, paper bags - any container works.
We weigh what you bring and write the tare weight on the bottom so the weight is removed before payment.
For liquids, bring in empty plastic cleaning bottles, shampoo bottles, oil bottles, vinegar bottles, etc.

what if I forget my containers?

we have paper bags, we sell jars & we have a donation box where there are jars & containers you can take free of charge.

do you deliver?

during Corona Virus we started delivery free of charge in Falmouth & Penryn. Surrounding villages will be charged a small fee, unless we are passing.

do you cater for allergies & intolerances?

Yes, we have several gluten free & dairy free products. Please be aware that due to the bulk design of the shop, we cannot 100% guarantee there are not traces of nuts or gluten on our products.

will you help me in-store?

Yes. We understand this is a new, interactive way of shopping. We will help you fill your containers & show you how to use the machines - or we can do it for you.

my bags are too heavy to bring into town - do you have a solution?

we recommend bringing cotton bags, paper bags & tupperware as these are lighter than jars. You are also welcome to leave your bags with us until you have finished shopping in town, or pick them up in your car outside.

How are products delivered to us?

We are often asked this question & we believe in being transparent.

The majority of our products are delivered in large 25 kg paper sacks. These are given to other companies & individuals to use, or they are recycled.

As much as possible, we source products locally so no packaging is used at all during pick up or drop off.
Some products are delivered in large boxes with one plastic bag inside. The boxes are given to other companies or individuals to reuse, or are recycled. The plastic bags are collected & sent off to Terracycle to be industrially recycled. This costs us, but it 100% ensures the plastic is given a new life & not ending up in landfill or worse...

Our SESI cleaning products are sent to us in containers which we send back to be cleaned and refilled.

The majority of our lifestyle products come in cardboard packaging or nothing at all.

Do you give educational talks in schools & the community?

Yes. We love visiting schools & groups to educate the wider community. Contact us if you would like us to tell our story/educate on zero waste/run a workshop, etc.

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