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Wood Cutlery

lifestyle products

Bird Seed - feed birds all year round : wheat, black sunflower, maize. Sold in grams.

Chilly's Bottles - 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot. These water bottles are useful, sturdy and look great. Wide variety of colours, sizes  & patterns

Firelighters - Eco-friendly Firelighters

Loofa - Washing up & body loofa - avoid plastic sponges.

Lunchboxes - Metal, plastic free, stainless steel. 3 tier Tiffin tin 2 tier rectangular lunchbox 2 tier giant rectangular lunchbox with internal tin

Metal Straws - Bent & straight design and a useful straw cleaner available. Affordable price to help eliminate single-use plastic straws.

Bamboo Cutlery & Sporks

Washing Up Brush - Plastic free alternative for the kitchen sink made from coconut husk.

Washing Up Brush with Handle - Plastic free alternative for the kitchen sink made from coconut husk & wood.

Washing Up Scraper - Scrape clean pans without scratching them or harming the environment.

Tea Infusers - with a handle for one cup or on a chain for pot or cup.

Food Wraps - Made locally with beeswax to replace cling film.

Nail Brush - wooden nail brush with vegan bristles

Soap Dish - bamboo, slated, single soap dish

Soap Tin - perfect for traveling. It can hold 2 soap or shampoo bars next to each other.

Soap Pouch - made of vegan sisal, place your soap bar inside and exfoliate with it in the shower. Then hang it up so the soap dries. 

Makeup Wipes - reusable and made of soft bamboo fabric and repurposed cotton. Wipe off your makeup and throw them in the washing machine. Made in Falmouth.

Face Mask - reusable, made of repurposed cotton, handmade in Falmouth.

Safety Razor - stainless steal reusable razor. 

Razor Blade Refills - plastic free, sets of 10

Brown Bottles - Spray bottles & pump bottles for your bathroom & kitchen. Various sizes.

Produce Bags - made of canvas and printed with un_rap logo. Available in small, medium & large. Perfect for refilling with grains.

Tote Bags - light weight cotton or  heavy duty canvas available. Printed with un_rap's logo.

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