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Image by Tetiana Bykovets

snacks & chocolate

everything we stock is organic unless it states

Cinnamon & sugar Coated Almonds - organic

Banana Chips - vegan : Bananas, Coconut oil, Sugar

Bombay Mix - non-organic, UK, contains peanuts

Carob Peanuts - non-organic, not vegan 

Carob Raisins - non-organic, not vegan

Choco Brazils - plain/dark chocolate coated Brazil nuts. non-organic, not vegan

Chocolate Buttons - 73% (vegan) 55% (vegan) Milk, White

Chocolate Coated Peanuts - non-organic, not vegan 

Cocoa Nibs raw, vegan, Peru

Crystallized Ginger - sugar

Fruit & Nut Mix 

Japanese Rice Crackers - non-organic, contains peanuts.

Nutritional Yeast - with Vitamin B12, Engevita

Peanut Butter - freshly ground peanut butter on tap. Bring a jar and refill instantly in-store. No oil, no salt, no nasties. Organic, roasted peanuts, China.

Popping Corn - Italy

Rio Nuevo Chocolate - a selection of Rio Nuevo Chocolate including: 60%, 72% & 80% bars. Made locally in Penryn and all vegan.

Toasted Coconut Chips - Philippines

Vanoffee Cashews - vegan salted vanoffee coated cashew nuts - Raw Chocolate Company

Raw Chocolate Almonds - vegan raw chocolate coated almonds - Raw Chocolate Company

Wasabi Peas - non-organic 

Yoghurt Peanuts - non-organic, dairy

Yoghurt Raisins - non-organic, dairy 

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