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Skin Care

It's Plastic Free July and each week un_rap is focusing on a key area to give up plastic.

Week 4: Skincare - How do we reduce plastic in the bathroom?

Avoiding plastic when shopping for toiletries can be hard work. Large chain stores and supermarkets in particular offer very few, if any alternatives. Those few hidden alternatives still contain harmful chemicals. Luckily we discovered this problem four years ago and went about collecting solutions. This blog post will not only explore face creams, shampoos and deodorants that avoid plastic, but also showcase a wide range of tools single-use plastics in the bathroom.

New Products

Too excited to wait this week, so we are starting with our new products:

Reusable Ear Bud - these have been flying off the shelf, not just because they are beautifully packaged in a bamboo case, but because they are practical. Thousands of single-use cotton swabs can be avoided every day, even if they are bamboo/cotton alternatives.

Shower Steamers - these are more indulgent than practical, but they make great gifts or self care kits. Made entirely of natural materials and recyclable packaging, this set of aromatherapy shower steamers diffuse a relaxing aroma, for you to breathe in deeply and relax. They also help to unblock a stuffy, congested nose and help to alleviate swelling in the sinuses.


Reusable Face Wipes - a much loved item that will always be a best seller. Mostly used to remove makeup, then thrown in the washing machine. Made in Falmouth by a local mum who recycles cotton fabric and uses soft, sustainable bamboo. Its great to support local businesses like Pretty Green Things.

Face Moisturiser - made in Newquay, also by a local mum who was a pharmacist for many year, Niskama moisturiser is made entirely of natural ingredients and comes in a glass jar that can be recycled. Once tried, it becomes a firm favourite for men and women alike. All the team members and their families use it.

Lip Balm - also made in Cornwall by the amazing skin care company Scence, their lip balms in cardboard tubes make great gifts or live happily in the bottom of your bag. Made entirely of natural ingredients and available in four flavours - they are worth a try.


Deodorant & Body Balm - also made by Scence, our natural range of deodorants and body balms come in cardboard tubes. Although they seem more expensive than plastic or aerosol deodorants, these balms will last you up to six months! The majority of our customers love them and think they work better than regular deodorant and body moisturiser.

In the Shower - soap pouches have been in the shop since opening day and they are still a firm favourite. They are made of natural, plant sisal and are designed to hold a bar of soap inside. Whilst in the shower, the soap lathers up and the firm material gently exfoliates. The pouches are also great for making use of the very last bits of soap bars that slip away.

Body loofas are similar to washing up loofas, as discussed during the Cleaning Week Blog, however they are larger and expand more when wet. They replace the plastic shower loofas perfectly.

Hands - a few years ago it was very challenging to find a traditional wooden nail brush. Luckily we stock bamboo ones with vegan bristles and they pair beautifully with our locally made soap bars. Another local mum supplies us with all natural, long lasting, great smelling soap from her small batch company The Sage Hen. We stock at least eight different scents, Oatmeal or Cedar Rose being our favourites.

Oral Hygiene

Not quite skin care, but still so important to discuss. Oral hygiene was one of the first areas to gain widespread recognition for plastic free alternatives. Plastic toothbrushes were common finds during beach cleans and they made huge impact during the early campaigns to raise awareness of plastic pollution a few years ago. Just four year later, there are vast amounts of solutions...

Toothbrushes - made with bamboo handles and bristles derived from castor oil,

Toothpaste - our latest favourite toothpaste is Ben & Anna's with fluoride. Alternatively, we sell small tins of toothpaste tablets that you simply crush with your teeth and use a wet toothbrush. These are great for camping and travel.

Floss - from charcoal fibres and compostable corn-base PLA, coated with vegetable wax and organic peppermint oil, our natural floss comes in a reusable glass tube and a metal cap dispenser. We also sell refills.

10% Discount this Wednesday on all Skincare products

Throughout Plastic Free July we are running a discount day on Wednesdays on all products relating to the weekly theme. This week on Wednesday 28th July all 'Skincare' products will have a 10% discount. This includes: face creams, deodorant, makeup wipes, oral hygiene products, soaps and more...


~ Competition Time ~

Be in for a chance to win this gift box of plastic free solutions worth £70!

How to enter?

> Subscribe to our Newsletter

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> Comment on our social media post advertising the gift box and tell us your favourite Plastic Free swap. Instagram and Facebook

Competition winner will be announced on 31st July. If you do not have Facebook or Instagram, drop us an email telling us your favourite Plastic Free Solution and we will enter you into the draw (inclusivity is important!).

The prize includes:

un_rap reusable coffee cup, tote bag, reusable cutlery set, 2 x produce bags filled with pasta and mango, oat milk chocolate bar, biodegradable washing up brush, bamboo toothbrush, plastic free tooth floss, natural deodorant and dissolvable laundry sheets.

Final Note...

We stock such a vast range of skin care items that this blog post has become more of a list of product reviews. It is great to see so many simple swaps available on the market now and we are proud to be supporting small independent brands as much as possible. By sourcing locally we are not just avoiding plastic on the product, but avoiding packaging and carbon impact on deliveries. We also build relationships in the community, provide extra income to families and keep money in the local economy. Plastic free is just the tip of the iceberg at un_rap.

We hope you have enjoyed the updates throughout Plastic Free July and you have learned something new. See you in the shop soon, #un_rap


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