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It's Plastic Free July and each week un_rap is focusing on a key area to give up plastic.

Week 3: Cleaning - How do we reduce plastic & chemicals while cleaning?

Cleaning Products

Did you know that some cleaning products contain plastic? And many contain harmful chemicals and liquid polymers (more on these later). At un_rap we have done our research and we have carefully selected high quality products with ethical ingredients and packaging.

We stock SESI cleaning products, who sell a wide range of eco friendly products made in the UK by a small British company. What sets them above many of their competitors is they refill the 20L containers that they are delivered in, so we can send them back, making them a true circular economy. In Cornwall we have gone one step further and built a hub of zero waste shops that all order SESI products together once a month to reduce the amount of carbon miles being emitted on delivery and collection.

So what do we stock?

Washing up liquid, non-bio laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, hand soap, laundry powder, dishwasher powder, all purpose spray (concentrate), oxi bleach, dishwasher tablets, and shampoos.

What can you refill?

An empty cleaning product bottle is best. Or a sealed tub for cleaning powders. However we can refill any container accurately.

How do the machines work?

We are lucky to have RefillCo machines in our shop - designed in Newquay to make refilling cleaning products fast, clean and accurate. The machines have built-in scales to ensure customers only pay for what they take. The liquid is air compressed, making refilling fast with minimal spillages. Customers are given a card to tap on the machine, then the screen tells them how to refill.

To read more about our collaboration with RefillCo and how the machines work, click this link.

Cleaning Tools


We love brushes at un_rap. We stock a large range of wooden brushes, from dish washing brushes, to vegetable brushes and bottle brushes, all made with vegan bristles. Brushes last much longer than the plastic scourers, which are impossible to recycle and are designed to keep buying. Although wooden brushes are more expensive, they stand the test of time.

Our favourite bush is made from coconut husk, costs just £2.80 and will last at least 6 months!


Loofa is a type of plant that looks like a cucumber. They are left to dry out and crisp up to form a natural sponge. They can be used for washing up and in the shower!

Their carbon impact on the planet is very low and you can even grow them at home.


We stock a beautiful range of amber glass pump and spray bottles. Perfect for dispensing washing up liquid, surface spray, soap and shampoos.

New Products

Laundry Sheets

These innovative dissolvable sheets were requested regularly and we have found a supplier. They are just like regular eco laundry detergent, but in sheet form. You place a sheet inside the drum and press go. Available in 'Fresh Linen' or 'Unscented'. These sheets are great for home or travel.

Laundry Balls

Wool dryer balls speed up drying time by tossing clothes around in the dryer, absorbing moisture, spreading the heat, and preventing static electricity. Our wool dryer balls are the best eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets or plastic balls, since they are 100% natural, they don't release any chemicals during the drying process. You can add essential oils to the balls if you like your laundry to have a scent.

Peg dryer

Made of sustainably grown moso bamboo, the laundry airer is ideal for drying small things around your home, such as reusable wipes, socks and underwear. The hanger is also perfect for drying herbs, flowers and plants.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. So like grass,

when you cut it back, it continues to grow - and fast. It is naturally antibacterial, which means that there is no need to use fertilisers or pesticides during its cultivation.

10% Discount this Wednesday on all Cleaning products

Throughout Plastic Free July we are running a discount day on Wednesdays on all products relating to the weekly theme. This week on Wednesday 21st July all cleaning' products will have a 10% discount. This includes: liquids, powders, tools, brushes, laundry balls, etc.


~ Competition Time ~

Be in for a chance to win this gift box of plastic free solutions worth £70!

How to enter?

> Subscribe to our Newsletter

> Follow us on Facebook & Instagram

> Comment on our social media post advertising the gift box and tell us your favourite Plastic Free swap. Instagram and Facebook

Competition winner will be announced on 31st July. If you do not have Facebook or Instagram, drop us an email telling us your favourite Plastic Free Solution and we will enter you into the draw (inclusivity is important!).

The prize includes:

un_rap reusable coffee cup, tote bag, reusable cutlery set, 2 x produce bags filled with pasta and mango, oat milk chocolate bar, biodegradable washing up brush, bamboo toothbrush, plastic free tooth floss, natural deodorant and dissolvable laundry sheets.

Comparing 'eco' cleaning products...

Ethical Consumer Magazine have undertaken a Laundry Detergent Survey for 2021. There is a great article comparing different 'eco' cleaning products and it outlines why some brands are more ethical than others. You can read the write up here: article.

Sesi Detergent Refill have ranked number 2 in the survey, so we are very proud to stock them. If you do not want to read the whole article, we have summarised a comparison between SESI and big brand Ecover below:

SESI: - SESI take back the 20L containers and refill. - SESI is certified vegan. - SESI got high rating for no liquid polymers. - SESI is a small UK based company with great values.

Ecover: - Ecover do not refill the 20L tubs - wasted. - Ecover is owned by SC Johnson. - SC Johnson cannot claim they are vegan. - SC Johnson have liquid polymers in their products. What are liquid polymers? They are not plastics, but they are poorly biodegradable and remain for years in our ecosystem with unknown consequences.

We have done our research & strive to uphold transparent values at un_rap. Can you make a more ethical choice? #un_rap


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