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Opening Up

You can now serve yourselves again!

With the infection rate remaining so low and with all other businesses and venues opening up, we feel it is the right time to remove our barrier. From this Saturday 22nd May, you can use the dispensers and serve yourselves. What does this mean?

You can:

- Weigh your containers.

- Refill your own containers.

- Browse the whole shop.

How will it work for customers in the shop?

- Sanitise your hands upon arrival.

- Bring your empty containers to the scales for us to weigh.

- Move carefully around the shop, keeping 1 metre distance as you refill your containers.

- Bring your full containers to the till to pay.

- Sanitise your hands at the exit.

What else will the shop do to ensure hygiene and safety?

- Only two groups are allowed to enter at one time.

- There is a safety screen at the till.

- There are multiple sanitising stations around the store.

- There are pots for 'Clean Scoops' and 'Used Scoops' to avoid cross contamination.

- Staff will sanitise dispenser handles & high-touch points very regularly.

- Staff will sanitise hands between every customer.

What if you like us refilling for you?

- We are happy to continue refilling for those who prefer it, just ask when you arrive.

- You can also drop off a bag of empty, labelled containers & pick it up later.

- You can email us a Click-&-Collect Order.

- You can email us a Home Delivery Order.

We always strive to provide a consistent, friendly & safe service for all our customers, but we ask for your patience as we rearrange and change the system. The team will work hard to create a smooth transition and adapt to your needs as much as possible. We are so excited that you can once again interact with the shop the way it was designed to be used!

It has been a long 14 months of us serving you, but we are so grateful we could remain open as we have supported each other through a very challenging time. Thank you for your continued support.

Happy scooping!


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