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Ever wondered why un_rap is spelled without a 'w'? Or why our logo is a sunflower?

Welcome to the first of many blog posts. We think it is best to start at the beginning - the logo.

The thinking behind the name un_rap is, you take out the 'w', you take out the waste. The 'w' is silent, so unnecessary.

We originally called the business 'Unwrapped' but found it too long and complicated. We also liked the idea of grammatically changing the verb from past tense, to present tense. This means the customer is empowered to un_rap their food - we haven't done it for them. We also chose to only use lower case letters, as we found it less offensive. We are not here to shout or tell people what to do. We strive to be a positive choice, not a guilty feeling. un_rap is clear, catchy and speaks volumes without saying much at all.

The sunflower logo was a long, time-consuming challenge. We had all our friends and family brainstorming ideas. We tried images of jam jars, plastic bottles, planet Earth & even funky hipster triangles... Eventually, much to everyone's dismay, we chose a sunflower. Just like our name, the logo has hidden meanings...

We love that sunflowers can be both a beautiful symbol of nature, but also an edible food & nutritious seed. Nature & wholefoods are seamlessly defined in one image. We were also drawn to a round logo as un_rap believes in a circular economy, where nothing is wasted & everything is seen as a resource that can be reused or recycled. Sunflowers also represent community. We opened to give Falmouth & Cornwall sustainable choices. We always planned on supporting & becoming a big part of the magical community we live in.

On a personal note, the idea for a zero waste shop was born on a plastic-free hike undergone by the founder of un_rap. Hannah hiked over 500 miles refusing single-use plastics and raised money for the local charity Surfers Against Sewage. Along her journey she passed many fields of huge sunflowers; it only seemed right to bring home some inspiration.


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