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Budget Box

Hello lovely customers of un_rap. It has been an age since I wrote a blog update, but I am committing to getting in touch more often again.

The news is depressing, and many people are feeling anxious about the winter ahead. We have planned a number of solutions to help our customers tackle the problem. The first is a Budget Box that costs just £12.

- The box is available to anyone

- You can add seasonal veg for £3

- Recipe ideas are included

- There will be a new Budget Box every month

- Simply message or email to collect in store (delivery is an option)

Email to order:

What's included

Pasta 500g

Brown Rice 350g

White Rice 200g

Oats 300g

Muesli 200g

Lentils 300g

Seed Mix 150g

Flour 350g

Raisins 100g

Cinnamon Almonds 50g

Popping Corn 200g

Curry Powder 20g

Cinnamon 14g

The idea of the box is to provide variation in your diet, without breaking the bank. High quality, nutritious and organic foods can help save money in the long run. For example, buying something quick in a supermarket (such as an oven pizza) might be filling for one person for one evening, but cooking up a one-pot full of colourful veggies, nutritious grains and fragrant spices can keep a family satisfied for several meals. Having delicious food at home also makes it easier to avoid expensive treats when out & about.

Organic dried foods and locally sourced veggies means protecting the planet too. Organic soil retains water and saving water is paramount to climate change. The cost of fertiliser has also gone up, so hopefully organic food will become more competitive. Some interesting thoughts to consider...

Thank you for continuing to support our little shop. We will be in touch soon with more ways to save this winter.

Cheers, Hannah #un_rap


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