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Happy Valentines Day

We hope you are enjoying a nice day with loved ones, despite the rain and the need for Zoom! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of the un_rap community. We have some positive news to share on this day of love...

Fantastic Figures

On Friday 12th February we discovered that you have avoided 60,248 pieces of plastic in the last 365 days by shopping with us! This is a staggering amount of plastic not being produced, not ending up in landfill and not ending up in our oceans. This figure does not include the effects of reusable items purchased from us. For example, any reusable item like a coffee cup, lunch box, tea strainer, washing up bottle, oil bottle, face wipe, reusable face mask, etc. has prevented countless more pieces of plastic and waste from being produced. These figures remind us that one person's actions do make a difference! And they give us hope and good news at a challenging time.

Colouring Competition

Today we announced the winner of our colouring in competition and celebrated all the entries. We had 12 completed artworks returned to us by the closing date - all of which were beautiful and showcased much time and effort. Thank you to everyone who took part!

We could only choose one winner, who received a gift box of zero waste prizes delivered to their door. We hope the contents inspire them to protect the planet from a very young age.

Pancake Day

This coming Tuesday is Pancake Day! We would like to remind you that we have flour, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, cocoa powder, chocolate, agave syrup and more. We have also attached some links below to some interesting pancake recipes:

New Product

This month we have started stocking Organic Tomato Paste in jars. One item we personally still need to buy from other shops is tomato paste. It is a delicious cooking condiment for bolognaise, chilli, stew, etc. We use it a lot! But it comes in metal tubes. These can supposedly be recycled, but they have a plastic cap and the inside of the tube cannot be cleaned. We are always dubious about its journey when we put it out for recycling. So, we did some research with our suppliers and we now stock jars of tomato paste. These jars can be reused, brought back to us to give to other customers, or they can be recycled at home. Glass is much easier to recycle than metal tubes! It is £1.45 for a jar and it is delicious.

This coming week we will also be releasing our new Easter Products, shortly followed by Mother's Day Cards, so keep an eye out in-store...

Thanks for reading and see you soon! #un_rap


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