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Sensible September

There is a sensible air about September. The roads are a little calmer, children are settling into school routines and grownups finally have time for chores. After quite a chaotic summer, un_rap is enjoying the air of routine. It is also great to see more faces from pre-lockdown venturing into the shop. We will continue to strive to make your shopping experience safe and full of smiles.

September has not been shy of innovation however. We launched our Student Promo to help new and returning university students settle into their Covid uni experience. We are offering a set of basic foods (rice, pasta, oats, spices, snacks, etc.) and 2 discount tokens for washing-up-liquid and peanut butter. These sets can be delivered free of charge in Falmouth & Penryn, or they can be collected from the shop. The idea was sparked when an international student emailed us inquiring about home delivery as she has to quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival. We are glad we can welcome students back with a solution. The promo is running until the end of September and you can read more about it here.

This month we have also welcomed a new addition to the team : The Veg Rack. Our supply of fresh, local veg from Patrick's Patch has increased this summer and our table with plastic crates was not doing it justice. This beautiful and practical solution was built locally by handyman Robin. Be sure to check it out during your next visit.

Alongside the new store layout, we have several new products:

New Products: Vegan Burger Mix - from Just Wholefoods, now sold in bulk. Delicious to make burgers, but also falafels and healthy patties. The mix does NOT contain palm oil and 125g is just £1.35, which makes 4 burgers and is a saving compared to the packaged alternative. This new mix sits nicely with out SOS mix for vegan sausages and Sunflower Mince for vegan, protein packed meat alternatives.

Cinnamon & Sugar Coated Almonds - New to the snack range are these very moreish organic nuts that taste as good as the hot, street-side snacks you can get in France. They are just £2.45 for 100g and sit nicely next to our raw chocolate almonds, vegan banoffee salted cashews and chocolate brazil nuts.

Hand Sanitiser Gel - 80% alcohol proof. Refill your empty hand gel containers for just £1.60 per 100ml.

You can see a whole list of our products on our Product Page and we are working on a pricelist.

Recommended Watch:

David Attenborough's new documentary called Extinction came out on Sunday and we highly recommend watching : *

"With a million species at risk of extinction, David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all, including putting us at greater risk of pandemic diseases."

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the month. We will just leave you with one last photo of Patrick's new dungarees... #un_rap


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