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New Ordering System

Exciting news! We have created a new Order Form that makes shopping with us even easier.

Using a spreadsheet, we have created an order form that calculates the price of individual products based on weights. You simply enter the amount you would like and the price appears. Alongside each product is a suggested weight, which we have taken from average amounts in supermarket packets. We hope this makes it easier to gauge your required quantities.

The order form also calculates the total of your shopping basket, which is visible at the bottom of the page. We understand that shopping with us takes some adjustment, so we are hoping this new system will make things clearer.

How can the Order Form be used?

  • Fill in the form and request Home Delivery, which is free in the local area. We will phone you for payment and deliver within 2 days, sometimes even the same day.

  • Fill in the form and request Click & Collect. We will pack your order and it will be ready to collect within 24 hours, sometimes even the same day.

  • Use the form to estimate prices and weights, so you feel more confident when you visit us in store. We can refill your containers, or we can supply paper bags - free of charge.

The form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, or from our Products Page. We hope it is useful to you, and please share with your friends!

un_rap Calculator
Download XLSX • 130KB


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